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In this post I want to share with you a project I did with my kids, that I think turned out really cool. One of the things that I have been doing since I started internet marketing, is to share and teach the things that I learn and practice with my kids.
I truly believe that if you teach children to do something at a young age, when they get older it will be second nature for them. So, why not give the gift of teaching your children to make money online?
About a year ago I decided to try and come up with something that both my kids(a 9 year old boy and a 6 year girl at the time) could do online to try and make a little extra cash. Sort of like a modern day paper route.

Kids First Online Business

ways for kids to make money online fastAfter some research and scouring the internet we settled on the idea of letting them create their own fiverr gigs. If you don’t know what Fiverr is, it is a website that lets you sell things or perform a service for $5. These are known as gigs. Everything is exactly $5. Gigs that are popular are things like video testimonials, voice overs, cute messages or anything that companies can use for promotions.
After a little bit of brain-storming we came up with some suitable gigs that each kid could do. My son came up with 2 clever video Testimonial gigs, and my daughter came up with 2 artsy ways to write your message then take a picture of it. It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas over the weekend. They really got into it and took a lot of pride in developing their very own gigs.
Of course everything we did had to pass mommy’s approval. I decided not to disclose their exact gigs in this post to keep their identities private. Maybe in the future I will reveal their gigs, but that decision will be up-to mommy. So, sorry if your dying to the exact gigs.
Once we were finished creating our samples and rehearsing, we uploaded the 4 gigs, filled in the titles and description. I then showed them how to set up an email for their gigs and bookmark their login admin page. I then showed them how they could check to see if and when they received any orders, and finally explained how a Paypal account would be connected to except payments. We then published the gigs live and waited.

Kids can make money online too

To my surprise the very next day both my kids had received orders that came in while they were sleeping. It hadn’t even been 24 hours and both of them already made their first dollar online. After school that day I showed them how to upload & deliver their digital products then mark them completed. Their eyes really lit up with a sense of pride and joy. I was equally as proud.
Over the next month orders trickled in, maybe 2-3 orders per week. Then it happened! We received an email from Fiverr they wanted to feature one of our gigs. Over the next 2 months the orders increased until some weeks we were getting as many as 30 orders. It become too much.
My kids were waking me up in the morning stressed out because the internet was down or they forgot to complete a gig that was due that day. They even started worrying about their Fiverr reviews. It was neat to see the Kids making money online, but all of a sudden it become WORK.
I decided to give them a break and put their gigs on pause. After only 4 months combined in total my little money making kids had generated almost $1500. Not bad for our first attempt at making money online for children.
Since then we have re-instated one gig each and extended the amount of days to delivery. We intentionally scaled down to keep it enjoyable.

The Lesson Learned

Although their gigs were a great success, their income was and would always be limited to the amount of time they could spend on it. Every gig was custom, so they had to record each one manually. Although it was online income, it was like any other brick and mortar job, where you have to trade time for money. Its a good start, but not quite the ZZZProfits way.

Project Passive Income Kids

Which brings us to our next project, I am calling “passive income for kids”. We have decided to create 2 fiction eBooks one for each of my kids, based on their own ideas and creativity.
To make it interesting we will outsource the entire project with a budget of $300 per book. This will include the writing & book cover art. This will come out of the money they previously made on their Fiverr gigs.
As soon as the project is underway, I will post an updated blog post, so stayed tuned. Until then come join us in the forum and lets kick around some more money making ideas for kids and adults.

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